12 for 2012

A few of the top 12 for this blog for the year of 2012:

This blog was read in 103 different countries (last year only 62) here are the “Top 12 Countries”:

  1. The United States of America: I’m sure you’re shocked!
  2. Canada: Thank you dear neighbors to the North! You once again have narrowly edged out our dear friends from Down Under.
  3. Australia: I have quite a ‘bit of family in this great land now, and with David Asscherick making many a journey to hang with his Aussie mates and his frequent appearances on this blog I’m counting on y’all to rise out of this third spot in 2013!
  4. The United Kingdom: The Motherland of the three previous jumps two spots this year.
  5. South Africa: A new addition to the top ten, we’re glad to have you!
  6. The Philippines: They fell two spots this year.
  7. Jamaica: I wonder if Usain Bolt is reading? 🙂
  8. Germany: Our third new addition to this list along with Jamaica, South Africa, & our 9th place holder
  9. Norway: The ancesterial homeland of my beautiful wife.
  10. Brazil: Just barely stays in the top 10, dropping all the way from 5th last year.
  11. Puerto Rico: I think this may be the one person I know in Puerto Rico, Jafet that is visiting over and over again 🙂 And does Puerto Rico count since they are under the United States? Well, Google Analytics lists them separately, so I will as well.
  12. Sweden: rounds out our top 12.

Some that left our list India, Russia, Malaysia, and to my surprise New Zealand.

This blog was read in every state this year and the District of Columbia, here are the “Top 12 States”:

  1. California: No surprise here.
  2. Georgia: Great people, great state!
  3. Tennessee: Home of my Alma Mater, Southern Adventist University
  4. Michigan: These first four states are places I have at one time or another in my life called home.
  5. Texas: Never called it home, but it is the home base of many a distant family member.
  6. Washington
  7. Florida: Probably my favorite state outside of Ohio.
  8. Arizona
  9. Oregon: Appreciate the support from the Northwest, first Washington & now Oregon.
  10. Illinois
  11. New York: Rochester, NY holds a special place in my heart, it is where the Lord revealed to me that my life would be spent as a full-time (career) servant to Him.
  12. North Carolina: Maybe Rev. Billy Graham is reading.

I have to say I am saddened and shocked that Ohio fell out of the top 10 and didn’t even make the top 12. Even after I wrote a blog post about their great city of Dayton. It’s okay Ohio even if you forsake me you are still the place I claim as my hearts home.

This blog was viewed in 2055 cities around the world in 2012 here are the “Top 12 Cities”:

  1. Visalia: Home to two of the greatest churches! (Visalia SDA & The Ark)
  2. San Francisco: They overtook Fresno this year as number 2 on this list.
  3. Fresno
  4. Prescott: Our first non-California city.
  5. Calhoun: Home to my first pastoral assignment, Calhoun SDA
  6. Los Angeles
  7. New York
  8. Chicago
  9. Portland
  10. Collegedale
  11. Berrien Springs
  12. Melbourne: A foreign city made it onto this list! Way to go Australia.

Several cities fell out of the top list this year: Modesto, San Jose, Exeter, & Riverside.

Now for the Top 12 Blog Posts of 2012:

  1. In Defense of Ted: This blog looked as if it was going to runaway with the victory without even a challenge, ’till a blog on Adventist Education decided to mix things up. In the end though my defense of our General Conference President still received the most views in 2012.
  2. Adventist Education: It is “Something Better”: Like the previous blog a lot of the traffic related to this blog came as a result of people not liking what I was saying. And you know what? I’m okay with that:) I wrote this blog because Dr. Elissa Kido told us to Education Evangelists and that is what I tried to do using the material she gave us that inspired me!
  3. Women’s Ordination: The Greatest Danger: You might have heard Women’s Ordination was a pretty intense topic around the confines of the nerds of Adventism this year. So I wrote several blogs on this topic, this was the most read.
  4. Faster Pastor Episode # 4: God & American Politics: I think this blog post might have had a chance of being the most popular if we had recorded it a week or so before the election. As it was this was Google chat w/ the Faster Pastor team and guest Dwight Nelson was recorded the afternoon before the election and thus was probably not as intriguing beyond November 6th. Still even with that short window of relevance it was the 4th most visited blog (in this case not read viewed).
  5. Donkeys, Elephants, & a Lesson Learned at Chick-Fil-A: Not one of my favorite posts, but quite a few folk read it.
  6. “Culture of Honor”: Women’s Ordination & Seventh-day Adventist Heritage: Like I said earlier, women’s ordination was a big deal this year!
  7. Angus T. Jones Testimony Part 1 & 2: Hopefully this young man has been able to get back to his normal life and continue his growth with Jesus. These videos created a firestorm!
  8. The Superiority of Adventist Education: Another blog on Adventist Ed that people seemed drawn to.
  9. Faster Pastor Episode # 2: Unity in Diversity: People are drawn to controversy like a moth to a fly.
  10. Oh What a Mom!: Personally one of my favorite posts all year & I’m glad it made this “top” list.
  11. Val Kilmer & I: This blog got shared on Val Kilmer’s Facebook U.S. Fan Page & the rest was history.
  12. I Can’t: Another one of my favorites. This blog post was probably actually viewed many more times than several before it on this list. Then why is it #12 ? Well b/c it was viewed on the Light Bearers blog. My friends over there asked to post it on their blog and I know it got a lot more hits there than it did on mine. So thanks Yamil and the rest that shared this post!

I want to thank the roughly 10,500 of you that visited this blog in 2012. I hope you will continue to be a faithful reader in 2013. To the 7000 new readers that joined us this year, thank you & if you were blessed share this blog with a friend.







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