Who is Chad Stuart?

Hi, thanks for stopping by. My name is Chad Stuart, and I am a preacher.

As a preacher, I spend a lot of time speaking from “inside” the pulpit. This blog reflects thoughts I have beyond the pulpit, or “outside” the pulpit. It also represents my own thoughts on religion, spirituality, The Bible, family, leadership, church growth, and some random other stuff. It shares the struggles and joys of my journey as a Christian, husband, father, and Seventh-day Adventist Minister.

I live outside the Beltway in Silver Spring, Maryland where I pastor the Spencerville Seventh-day Adventist Church.

My most worthy life achievements are being married to my amazing wife, Christina, and the father to three boys, Dayton, Landon, and Levi!

My hobby is running.

I look forward to the return of Jesus, but ’till then I want to live faithful to the Great Commission to Go, to Make Disciples, to Baptize, and to Teach Obedience to God.

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Chad Stuart

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