8 Random Things I’m Looking Forward to In Our Move to Maryland

In the midst of the sadness of leaving California I am I’ve decided to focus on some of the random things I am really looking forward to about moving to Maryland. I do this, not to avoid my sadness, but as a reminder that there a little positives even in the most challenging of times.

So here are five realities that I am really looking forward to in our move to Maryland (these are completely unrelated to my new pastor position):

  1. Sleeping in my own king size bed. I know this is a first world problem and really quite superficial, but our bed has been in Maryland since November and I won’t lie, I miss it a lot!
  2. A return to running. My friend Rich from Academy is a superb runner and he has already committed himself to my wife and others to get me back into shape. His running skills and commitment to running are a motivation. So is losing weight…though after seeing the temps out there during the winter I may be tempted to keep the extra pounds on. 🙂 Just kidding Christina! I look forward to being able to lay down some serious miles again. Please pray, for no injuries!
  3. Ice baths. Yep you read that right! Ice baths. After a good long run I really like soaking in a great ice bath. Over the last 5 years+ we haven’t lived in a house with a bath tub, and I’ve sorta missed warm baths, but I’ve really missed ice baths. It hurts for the moment, but I always feel so much better after a run when I’ve taken an ice bath; so the hurt is worth it! Anyway, in our new house we have several bath tubs, so the ice baths will return.
  4. Eating in the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist’s headquarter cafeteria. I recently had the privilege of eating there and it truly was a privilege. One of the things I loved about college was the cafeteria, and being at the GC cafe was like a return to college, probably a little healthier, but the variety was great and so was the food!
  5. Museums, museums, museums. I love museums! And most of them are free!
  6. Lots of baseball stadiums in close proximity. My sons and I are going to love a day trip here and there to watch different teams play, along with some regular visits to the local teams (The Nationals and Orioles).
  7. History! Oh I love history. Battlefields, memorials, Boston, DC, New York, South Carolina, Richmond, etc., etc. If you love history come visit and we’ll go on a history tour together.
  8. Politics. I’ll admit it I am not at all bothered by being so near the thick of political action. My plan was to be a history major, become a lawyer, enter politics, move to DC and never leave. Well, God had other plans, of which I am grateful, but I still have my not so closeted love of political activity. I won’t discuss it with you anymore, but privately I will read and follow to my hearts content!

Yes, my heart is broken leaving California. When I moved here six years ago I truly thought I would never leave. But God’s will is perfect and His ways are always right so I trust Him and choose to look at all the positives including the little ones I mentioned above.

California I love you! Maryland I will love you too!

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