An Appeal to Family, Friends, and Other Blog Readers

I am pleased to announce that our church board, in support for our renewed focus on evangelism, has approved a plan to develop a full media ministry here at the Spencerville Seventh-day Adventist Church.

On February 22, 2016, our church board heard presentations by Spencerville members, Brad Thorp (Hope Channel) Andre Brink (Adventist Review), and Dan Weber (NAD Communications). Brad and Andre shared a variety of media ministry opportunities that would expand the reach of Spencerville Church, both locally and globally. Whether it’s through the 20 million DirectTV subscribers that receive Hope Channel in the United States, the 10 million Roku users, or the billions of individuals that visit YouTube daily, Spencerville Church could impact all of these with high-quality, Christ-centered media.

Not only would this ministry reach out, it will also reach in, sharing God’s love with specific groups within our own church family via live-streaming. As an example, we currently have more than thirty homebound members unable to worship with us in person on a weekly basis. We also have members who have moved away but still think of Spencerville as their home church. And we regularly hear of church family members that are sick or traveling, but would like to join us for worship on Sabbath. Possibly members who’ve become disconnected would consider coming back after first reconnecting with us in this way. We could serve all these groups more effectively through the portals of media.

Dan Weber, who is serving as chair of our Media Ministry Committee, then presented a $300,000 media ministry plan whereby we would successfully accomplish a media installation without negatively impacting the beautiful aesthetic of the Spencerville Church sanctuary. The board approved the plan without objection (details are available upon request.).

The cost may surprise you. But God began to provide before we even had a plan. Two individuals, a homebound member and a non-member who loves our church, separately and without prompting have contributed just under 45 percent of the total funds needed.

I am asking you to consider what you can give toward the remaining $167,000. Think of the broad impact that our media presence could have on people’s lives. Jesus will be brought to millions by a simple click on a phone, tablet, iPad, or computer. We desire a positive, Gospel-led media program for our members, our community, and for the world. Would you be willing to sacrifice something extra this month in order to give toward our media ministry project?

If your answer is “yes I can” then just click on this link and follow the instructions.

I thank you in advance for being a part of Spencerville Church’s media ministry vision, and for partnering with us to use every resource at our disposal to make Jesus better known and better loved.


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