August’s Top Posts:

The Top Ten Posts For August, 2012:


  1. “Culture of Honor” Women’s Ordination & Seventh-day Adventist Heritage
  2. Donkeys, Elephants, & a Lesson Learned at Chick-Fil-A
  3. Introducing Speiro Media Ministries (My latest project)
  4. Faster Pastor (A great idea from the mind of my friend Albert Handal & hopefully we can get it rolling on a regular basis soon).
  5. Bickering Children & Our General Conference Parents
  6. Struggle
  7. The Ellen G. White Quote Quota
  8. The Ark: Our Name
  9. Speiro
  10. The Faster Pastor Delay (must have been a lot of folk looking forward to that first episode)

P.S. In Defense of Ted remains the most popular post I have written since I began blogging remaining in the top 10 ever month since it was written in April, until this month where it fell to # 18 on popularity scale. And yes I still stand by the sentiments of that post today!

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