Blogging the Bible Day 135: Exodus 25-28

You may have wondered, “What will Chad find to write about in these chapters.” I have to tell you the three things God impressed me with came quick and easy.

  1. The people are to supply the materials for the building and the upkeep of the house of worship. I wrote on giving yesterday so I won’t say anything more about that here now.
  2. God deserves the very best in the presentation of our buildings. God shows by the materials used and His own personal care in laying out the design of the sanctuary and all the article within the sanctuary that that which represents Him should be the best we can give. Almost all our churches (not just my church at Spencerville) all our churches allow for disrepair to manifest itself our churches that we would never let happen in our homes. Granted sometimes the repairs to a church are much more expensive, but if every member saw as their responsibility the upkeep and maintenance of the quality of God’s houses of worship then things would not be nearly as “expensive” per member. Also God shows that everything should have a function. We should have the highest of quality in our churches but we don’t need ornamentation just for the sake of ornamentation. Someone may say “the OT sanctuary was filled with ornamentation!” No, no it wasn’t, everything in that design had a purpose and reason for being where it was and the color it was and the layout it was, etc.. So our churches should be high-quality, kept-up/maintained by the generosity of the members, and have purpose and function in its design.
  3. Call me old fashion but I still believe preachers (“priests”) should wear their best when they stand before God’s people to preach. Now what the priests wore in the OT I understand had functional purpose. The stones, the engraved names of Israel, the Urim and the Thummim. But still the best of materials went into the clothing of the priests. I don’t judge pastors that don’t wear suits. I love many of them, but I think in our modern culture if you’re going to go to a funeral in a suit or to see the President, then you should also stand before God’s people in a suit. I know some say, “Well I want the people to feel comfortable so I dress down.” Look I’ve been to Brooklyn Tabernacle, Jim Cymbala wears a suit and he makes all his deacons and elders wear suits and they are packed-out with people dressed in tank-tops and cut-offs. Dressing their best for Jesus doesn’t keep those who dress less away. If we want people to feel comfortable we should love on them and welcome them as they are, I don’t think it has anything to do with how the preacher is dressed! Like I said, call me old fashion.

Next Reading: 2 Samuel 15-19

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