Blogging the Bible Day 157: 1 Kings 5-9

We have numerous and varied needs related to our facilities at the Spencerville Church and sometimes I think, “do we really need to fix this or that?” or “this all seems like it is going to take forever and for what purpose?” I also think, “can we really ask the people again to help us with another project?

But with many of our readings of late I am reminded time and time again how important it is to care for the place where we worship the Lord. Now obviously I understand theologically that our modern churches do not have the same role as the temple that Solomon was building. Yet, it is still a place that is seen by many both within and without of the church as representing God and His people. If this is the case should it not represent our Lord correctly?

I found this quote that was also convicting along with all the scripture I have been reading,

“The Lord instructed Moses, for Israel: ‘Thou shalt command the children of Israel, that they bring thee pure oil olive beaten for the light, to cause the lamp to burn always.’ This was to be a continual offering, that the house of God might be properly supplied with that which was necessary for His service. His people today are to remember that the house of worship is the Lord’s property and that it is to be scrupulously cared for. But the funds for this work are not to come from the tithe.

Ellen G. White, Testimonies for the Church Vol. 9, p. 248

Scrupulously cared for because it is the Lord’s property!

Convicting to me! Makes me wonder about our pealing 1970’s wallpaper 😉

Next Reading: 1 Kings 5-9

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