Blogging the Bible Day 162: Ephesians 1-3

These chapters are rich!

Some thoughts that came to mind in bullet form as I read:

  • We must learn more of the Holy Spirit. He is the GUARANTEE of our “inheritance” eternal salvation. Guarantee being down payment…note holder. (1:14)
  • The desire of every pastors heart, that he/she would hear of his/her members “faith” in Jesus and “love” towards one another. How would a pastor hear of this unless it was being seen by someone because it is truly being lived out! (1:15)
  • “We ALL once lived in the passions of our flesh.” Let us be patient with others knowing we’ve been there too…even if we don’t even realize we have. (2:3)
  • Jesus died because of His great LOVE for all humanity. Love not law drove Him to the cross. He fulfilled the law, but it was not legal obligation that made Him go. It was love. A reminder to us that LAW will never drive anyone to make great sacrifice, only absolute LOVE. (2:4, 5)
  • “Not your own doing” “Not a result of works” (2:8, 9)
  • Mystery of the Gospel–it is for everyone. How is that a mystery now? The person you think least deserves the Gospel, deserves it! (3:4-6)

Next Reading: Leviticus 1-3

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