Blogging the Bible Day 18: Psalm 6-8

Since this endeavor to blog the through entire Bible in 2016 is in a part a personal journal then I should be honest. Should I not? And if I am being honest I will tell you there are days I read and there is not a great deal that resonates within me. There is always some nugget, but not always the big “aha” moments. I have to be honest this mornings reading through Psalm 6-8 was one of those days. In fact I’ll share another little insight into me, while some peoples favorite portion of scripture are the Psalms, for me they are not typically what stirs my soul. Maybe because I am not a musician? Maybe because I learn best with story? I am not sure why. I could try to force something, I know how to do that, I am after all a preacher and unfortunately we are able to do that, but I want this blog to be an honest reflection of my daily devotion. So with honesty I only have two things that I wrote in my Bible with today’s reading, and here they are…

“Return, O Lord, rescue my soul; Save me because of Your lovingkindness.” -Psalm 6:4

I wrote in my margin,

“Always remember! Not my merit, but the lovingkindness of God that saves me.”

I am like all the rest of Christianity I struggle with trying to work my way into God’s good graces and because of this I believe God always helps me to see the reminders in scripture that point out that flawed thinking.

The second item I wrote in the margins was next to the Psalm 8 which begins with,

“O Lord, Our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth.” -Psalm 8:1 (anyone else start singing the Sandi Patty Song?)

And when I read the 8th Psalm I thought of the Ten Days of Prayer that our church just completed. Every night we would start with praise to God and while we tried…I wrote in my margin,

“I wish we (Adventists/North America/Me personally) knew how to praise God in this way.”

Those are my thoughts this morning. Maybe some of you resonate more with the Psalms, I would LOVE to hear from y’all!

Tomorrow’s Reading: Job 5 & 6

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