Blogging the Bible Day 32: Psalms 12-14

Psalm 12:

Seems like an appropriate Psalm for the day we begin the 2016 political voting cycle.

We see a group described as having flattering lips & a double heart, meaning people who may say and do the right things, but not with the right heart. Is that too cynical of me to relate that to our political system? I am not actually one that believes that all politicians are that way, it just seems many that get ahead are.

Probably many of us though are just as double hearted in our own worlds as well, we just don’t have it displayed on TV. Have you ever said and done the right things for the wrong reasons? Me too! So this Psalm is also describing us.

On the other hand there is the Lord. His words are pure described here in the Psalm as being like silver tried in a furnace seven times. This means the purity of His words are of the highest degree possible and it is on this that we trust the promise that we can be kept in the care of our God, that we can be preserved from the wickedness of the generation we are in.

Psalm 13:

David lives out the journey of a Christian. The beauty of the Psalms to many are how relatable they are.

  1. David felt God had forgotten him and it makes him sad and feels almost picked on, persecuted.
  2. David then starts to feel like God will consider what he is saying and there seems to be some glimmer of hope.
  3. David then realizes had God does care and now David is singing.

From sorrow to singing the journey of the faithful.

Psalm 14:

Almost this exact same Psalm with only minor alterations is repeated in Psalm 53.

Calling someone a fool in the Bible is strong language (v. 1)

Fool: Biblically defined, “refers to someone who is morally deficient.”

We can believe there is no God not only by literal denial, but also by living in such a way as if there were no God. In other words you don’t have to be an atheist to be a fool. You can be a card carrying Christian and still be a fool if we live as if there is no God.

Those are my thoughts today in my reading of Psalms 12-14

Tomorrow’s Reading: Job 9 & 10

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