Blogging the Bible Day 40: Job 11 & 12

I told Christina tonight that Job has been the hardest of my reading thus far. I must be honest, maybe it is the stage I am at in life, maybe it is what genre of writing I prefer, but I cannot say anything new about today’s text that I did not say the last several times I wrote about Job.

So instead I’m going to take this post to endorse two books I read one based on the book of Job and one related to the book of Job which to me are two of the greatest books outside of Adventism to give voice to the great controversy narrative, “Disappointment With God: Three Questions No One Asks Aloud” & “Where is God When it Hurts?” both by Philip Yancey.

As Yancey wrote,

“Chapters 3-37 contain no action to speak of, just the opinionated dialogues of five prickly men-Job, his three friends, and the enigmatic Elihu-concerning the problem of pain. They are all trying to account for the slings and arrows of outragious fortune that have fallen upon poor Job, who sits forlorn in the ashes of what used to be his mansion.”

In the lack of action I am struggling to find points, but I will continue on through remembering “All scripture is God breathed and useful…” so I will keep trying to learn. I hope you’ll stick with me 🙂

Tomorrow’s Reading: Isaiah 29-33

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