Blogging the Bible Day 47: Job 13 & 14

I am but a broken record when blogging on the book of Job. I know…I understand that at some point in my life I’m sure something within these chapters we’ve been reading from Job will resonate with my soul, not because I want them to but because I understand, “in this life you will have trouble,” and when that day comes I pray that I will have the strength to continue to say, “I will hope in Him” (13:15b), but I also hope that I will not accuse or blame God.

I guess that is a truth though that should be comforting to many, even if they have blamed or been angry at God, the book of Job shows us that God is big enough to take it and also that God is gracious to us in our ignorance.

I will say about chapter 14 we see some truth about the state of the dead,

“So man lies down and does not rise.
Until the heavens are no longer,
he will not awake or be aroused out of his sleep.” -Job 14:12

and then…

“You will call (*at the resurrection morning*), and I will answer You;
You will long for the work of Your hands.” -Job 14:15

Keep being patient with the book of Job as God was with Job, it begins to transition around chapter 20 🙂

Tomorrow’s Reading: Isaiah 34-39



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