Blogging the Bible Day 61: Job 17 & 18

Oh how I wish I could pretend to be profound, but truly I am not. I am out of understanding within some of these chapters of the book of Job. I am grateful to know I am not the only that has struggled through them though. My wife, Christina, was reading through the Bible not long ago and she said Job was a struggle to get through.

It is scripture. It is God-breathed (inspired) but where I am at right now I do not find an opening.

So here is what I want to share with you. Since this is more than just an exercise in discipline, these are truly my daily devotionals and time with God, when I can’t get anything out of what I am reading, say I am in Job then I go to another place in the Bible. I don’t want to leave the Word without getting a word for my heart so to speak. I would encourage you to do the same. Don’t get frustrated or worn out, today I went back to what we read yesterday, Psalm 25 and agin it blessed me…it is truly one of those psalms that can be a daily blessing. There will be chapters in Chronicles & Numbers that we will read in the future…the genealogies…I know on those days I am going to have to go to another place in scripture to have the Lord speak to me. That is okay. And we should do that rather just again treating this as a dry exercise “we have to get through.”

Job 17 & 18 didn’t speak to me today, so I went somewhere else in the Word to allow God to still reach me. What about you? Did Job minister to you, or did you go elsewhere also?

Tomorrow’s Reading: Isaiah 45-50

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