Blogging the Bible Day 81: Psalms 33-35

Highlights from today’s reading:

I’ve been in a lot of churches anyone got to sing or play an instrument NO MATTER how poorly they played. Now I don’t believe everyone has to be an expert, but this view is in fact not Biblical. There are places where it is very clear this position is not a Biblical one and when we come to those portions of scripture I’m sure I’ll point that out again, but we see evidence of this point here quickly in Psalm 33:3,

“Sing to Him a new song;
Play skillfully with a shout of joy.”


I know many of folk that take offense to such a concept and I don’t mean to be offensive, but I wish we could accept that God has gifted us all in different ways and none of us get to say this is my gift and it is so. Just my thought…you agree? Disagree?

I love the first three verses of Psalm 34 it strengthened and encouraged me in my mission this morning…

I will bless the Lord at all times;
His praise shall continually be in my mouth.
My soul will make its boast in the Lord;
The humble will hear it and rejoice.
O magnify the Lord with me,
And let us exalt His name together. -Psalm 34:1-3

I also love the verse because it teaches an important truth about worship.

It is:

Individual: “I will bless the Lord at all times…”


Corporate: “And let US exalt His name TOGETHER.”

Worship is not either/or, it is both/and!

David a lot times is crying out for destruction of his enemies, but I appreciate what he shares with us in Psalm 35:13-14,

“But as for me, when they were sick, my clothing was sackcloth;
I humbled my soul with fasting,
And my prayer kept returning to my bosom.
14 I went about as though it were my friend or brother;
I bowed down mourning, as one who sorrows for a mother.”

I can testify…maybe I shouldn’t, but I can so I will…that there are certain people pastors wouldn’t mind if they decided to go to another church…but I’ve not known any pastor that if that person that is a thorn in their flesh were sick or going through crisis they would not be on their knees in heartache for them.

David wanting people gone is a reality of life that if God chooses to grant he is not going to mind…but David is also pastoral and so even though he wants that person away from him, as long as the person lives and it is in his power to do so he will cry out to God also on their behalf.

What spoke to you in these three Psalms?

Tomorrow’s Reading: Job 23 & 24

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