Blogging the Bible Day 94: 1 Samuel 16-20

From day one David did nothing but improve and enhance Saul’s kingdom, and yet Saul found hatred in his heart for David. We see here the clear signs of an insecure leader.

Leaders should celebrate with the victories that come from the team around them.

Leaders should work to improve the position of those around them.

Leaders should enable further successes of those around them.

Saul did none of this. Yet the integrity of David was so great, he continued ’till he could no longer strive to be not only a servant of Saul, but a close companion.

Both David and Saul when anointed had the Spirit of God come over them in a strong way. In our leadership the Spirit of God only remains in us to the extent that we choose to have Him stay.

David and Saul were both chosen. They both were mighty. They both were handsome. But one chose self and one chose sacrifice and God honored the latter.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Psalm 39-41

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