Faster Pastor: Delay

So today Albert & I attempted to do the first Faster Pastor vcast. The plan was to have a couple female pastors on there as well and discuss the happenings of yesterday (The Pacific Union Constituency Meeting). Well, no one showed…actually that isn’t true our good friend Kessia showed, but her ipad wouldn’t support the recording functionality of the hang-out, another friend had an internet blow-out just as we were beginning, and then several friends pretended like they didn’t know us, the moment we told them what the topic was. 🙂

Albert and I attempted to do the vcast on our own, but after watching it we decided that it really didn’t add to the conversation or help to edify the current debate or those whom would be listening to our discussion either.

Our goal is to avoid adding to the noise needlessly!

So there will be no Faster Pastor today!

Stay tuned though because we already have David Asscherick lined-up and we are looking forward to adding a couple other guests for next weeks vcast.






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