So I am finally going to pull the plug on my Facebook account. I have taken several hiatus’ from Facebook in the past always with the intent of rejoining in two weeks, 30 days, 40 days, whatever the case may be. This leave though is not with the intent of coming back.

It will be hard and I’m not going to give the reasons so many give, miss seeing my friends, easy form of communication, etc.. All those may be true, but the real reason it will be difficult for me is EGO!  Facebook is an ego rush. If you don’t agree then why do we check to see who liked that picture or this comment? I also find that Facebook has a way of overemphasizing the importance of my own opinions. Even when there are haters, enough people share what I say or like what I say, that I think what I say is “Awesome.” When really my opinion may be just okay; but it seems awesome in the safety of saying “whatever” without any face to face consequences or feedback. Both of these reasons are about self and I already have enough self in me and my “self” doesn’t need to be encouraged to think more highly of it “self” than it ought. The devil works on me enough without Facebook I don’t need to help him out any.

I am also leaving because I have an exciting endeavor I am going to be working on in the year ahead (you’ll have to come back to the blog later to learn more of that and follow that journey). This endeavor will take extra time in my life. I only have so much time.

I want to write more blogs (maybe a book), read more, and most importantly spend time with my family…I figure the average hour I spend on Facebook each day can be put to good use doing “more” of the prior.

Now while EGO is what will make leaving and staying away from the hardest, I will miss people I have no other connection with other than Facebook and I hope those people if you are reading this will connect with me on:

Instragram: @chadnstuart

Twitter: @chadnstuart

…or that you will subscribe to this blog.

Speaking of subscribing to my blog you can now do so at the bottom of this page.

If you are following along with our weekly memorization you may want to subscribe.

I’d love to have your feedback and encouragement as I explore the big announcement I have related to the rest of this year.

‘Till then I will soon be exiting Facebook and hopefully, all those that need to be made of aware of this action will be…and pray I have the strength to stay away…and forgive me for not remembering all your birthdays moving forward 😉

Love y’all -Stu

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