January 8, 2020 Genesis 8

But God remembered Noah . . .

Genesis 8:1a

In this clause is the Gospel. Tough times are at hand, but deliverance is coming. Healing is coming. Joy is coming.

In the Old Testament “remember” is used with God as the subject seventy-three times. Eighteen times it is followed by the preposition “to,” demonstrating that God’s remembrance is interpreted more as “an action directed toward someone, rather than as a psychological experience of the subject.” ( Hamilton, V. P. (1990). The Book of Genesis, Chapters 1–17 (p. 299). Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.)

What does that mean? It means that when God remembers He acts!

“God remembered Abraham” and Lot and his family were rescued from the consuming fire. (Gen. 19:29)

“God remembered Rachel” and she was able to have a baby. (Gen. 30:22)

“God remembered Noah” and He sent a wind to dry out the land and end the flood.

Stay with God, He remembers and His remembering will lead to Him acting on your behalf.

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