My Saddleback Observations Part 5: Finding a Seat

No one that was late had to find their own seat.  As I stated in a previous post, there were not very many that were late to the service, but of those that were, not a single one of them had to find their own seat.  An usher went down the row and quietly and respectfully asked folks if seats near them were open.  If they were, the usher motioned to the individuals and they came forward and sat down.  This is a very little thing but think of all the times people have gone into a church, seen a spot that looked open, they walk down to sit in that spot only to see that there are kids on the floor playing or that someone has saved those seats.  Then there is that awkward moment where they start scramble either looking for another seat or back to the rear of the sanctuary.  I always feel bad for these people.  This again is not anything that costs any money, it just takes coordinating and caring.  I think we have both of these resources in most our churches.

I believe we can learn sometimes as much by what people don’t do or do wrong as we can from the things folk do well.  So tomorrow I am going to share with y’all a few observations that Saddleback Church didn’t do that I hope we WILL do!



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