President Donald Trump, The Media, & Twitter

To some of my readers I want to give a quick warning. There is not a Spiritual lesson I evoke out of this post. This is just some randomness I was pondering as I did my long run today. If you hate politics or political takes or opinions then just go ahead and click to a new page now. -Chad

Here we go…

Donald Trump tweets out that the media is the enemy of the people. The media responds by blasting that tweet all over their news coverage, while claiming that such a statement is dangerous for America. Donald Trump stands-up in one of his rallies and points to all the media and calls them “fake news” and tells the audience that “those people are losers” and or “harming America.” The media not only is broadcasting this live, they also then rerun it over and over again.

Donald Trump recently stated, “The media will ultimately support me.” The reason he believes this is because “I’m good for ratings.” I have a little news flash, the media already does support him and it is because he is making them money. And in my humble opinion no matter how much they claim to dislike President Trump they must like money more because they consistently throw fuel on his fire and encourage the very behavior they claim to hate.

There is a lesson the media needs to take from every parenting book ever written, “whatever you give attention to grows.” If you only pay attention to your child when he or she is misbehaving that behavior will increase! The media not only reports on what some feel is bad behavior (not everyone actually does agree that it is bad behavior), they go on and on and on about it.

If the media really believes the President is bad for the nation and our world then they should only report and then give ZERO commentary to anything he says, and in some cases don’t even report.

In the United States there are 232,000,000 MILLION eligible voters. Guess how many Twitter accounts there are in the United States? 68 million (and that number is down from 69 million last quarter). For those of you that are not Twitter users let me share with you a couple insights about that 68 million number. Many of those accounts are not even people. They are businesses, advertisements, news service accounts. There are also a number of accounts as we all know that use Twitter that were started by someone’s grandma to be cool and they’ve never looked at their account again. There are a multitude of fake celebrity accounts, and as we now are aware of following the 2016 election from there are a number of dangerous bot accounts!

You get my point. Of the 68 million Twitter accounts in The United States the actual individuals that those accounts represent is far less than 68 million.

That means of the 232,000,000 million eligible voters in The United States if someone didn’t tell them and inundate them with updates they would NEVER know what was said on Twitter by Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres, or, yep you guessed it, President Trump.

I have been following politics, sometimes to an unhealthy obsession, since I was 16 years old. I am now 40 years old. No politician in my lifetime has ever been covered like President Trump. Now someone could counter “well there is just so much more access now.” Yes but there are 100’s of other politicians and we don’t cover them like we do President Trump. And President Obama served in this world of access, but he wasn’t covered the way President Trump is being covered and no it is not because of “fake news.” Even Fox is covering President Trump MORE!

If the media really believes that President Trump’s tweets are ridiculous and even dangerous then don’t put them up and exponentially increase his reach! And don’t cover every rally and speech he gives and then act surprised that he attacked you (the media) while the cameras were live.

I have to say, I agree with President Trump on this point: He helps the media’s ratings (see this link or this one ). And for that reason the media will continue to scream and holler about how horrible President Trump is, but the more they scream the more he’ll keep doing what he’s doing, because “what gets the most attention grows.” And unfortunately it also grows them the most money.

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