The Bible In Our Homes: Guest Post Jennifer Pettengill

Greetings Parents, I want to encourage you to read this post by a very close friend of Christina and I, Jennifer Pettengill. God is using her to raise a beautiful child of the Lord and to help others do the same. Thanks for the reminders of this post Jennifer!  You can read more of Jennifer’s stuff on her blog: Growing to Know Jesus

The Bible in our homes

The more I read, the more I realize that my job raising Calissa has a lot to do with my walk with God.  As I run after God, she will see, He will have victory in me, and He will live out His life within me.  We have such a wonderful, patient, and giving Father!   Here are some quotes that have given me direction with teaching the bible…

“Even when quite young, children notice; and if the parents show that the Word of God is not their guide and counselor,  if they disregard the messages brought to them, the same reckless spirit of, ‘I don’t care; I will have my own way,’ will be shown by the children.” Child Guidance  p. 509

“Do not think that the Bible will become a tiresome book to the children.  Under a wise instructor the Word will become more and more desirable.  It will be to them as the bread of life; it will never grow old.”  Child Guidance p. 514

“Parents, let the instruction you give your children be simple, and be sure that it is clearly understood.  The lessons that you learn from the Word you are to present to their young minds so plainly that they cannot fail to understand. ” Child Guidance p. 514

“The use of object lessons, blackboards, maps and pictures will be an aid in explaining these lessons and fixing them in the memory.  Parents and teachers should constantly seek for improved methods.  The teaching of the Bible should have our freshest thought, our best methods, and our most earnest effort.” Child Guidance p. 516

 *  now we have so many more methods that can be used…

Neglect anything of a temporal nature,(then it talks about unnecessary sewing and such being done away with)…but be sure that the soul is fed with the bread of life….  Make the Bible its own expositor, bringing together all that is said concerning a given subject at different times and under varied circumstances.  Do not break up your home class for callers of visitors.  If they come in during the exercise, invite them to take part in it.  Let it be seen that you consider it more important to obtain a knowledge of God’s word than to secure the gains or pleasures of the world.”  Review and Herald, Oct. 9 1883

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