The Ten Most Read Posts In March 2014 & A Secret Bonus List at the End

You’ll want to read through this entire post, b/c at the bottom there is a special top ten list that you won’t want to miss! But first check out the top ten most read posts for March 2014

  1. How I Hope Adventists Will Respond to the Kenneth Copeland/Pope Francis Video: This post not only is number one for this month, but after its second month in the top 5, it became the new number one post on Outside the Pulpit of all time!
  2. Why the Recent Rhetoric in the Church Makes Me Want to Shout About “SPIRITUAL FORMATION”: This blog while having another strong showing in the month of March it lost it’s hold on the number one all time post after just one month.
  3. Kurt Cobain: A Different Perspective Twenty Years Later : The previous two posts were written in other months, this is the first top ten written in this month.
  4. Genesis 1:29 Supported in Six Minutes with No Words: Several things I have observed and have been pointed out to me since I first posted this video. First, that this is about more than what we eat, but rather the cruelty to animals. We should remember they are creatures created by God. The second idea is that gluttony not necessity drives a lot of the meat consumption in this world. Third, we can’t just pick on meat, sugar, soda, etc.; the gluttony of these things is just as detrimental to us as is the massive unhealthy meat consumption.
  5. Jesus’ TED Talk: I liked this post. Not a lot of others read it, but I enjoyed typing it.
  6. A Response to Elder Stephen Bohr’s “Reflections on Deborah & Huldah: This one still gaining readers with each passing month.
  7. What the Church Can Learn from: “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos & the Age of Amazon
  8. Faster Pastor Episode #7: “Is Christmas Compatible with Christ?”: This third all time most read blog is still reaching the top ten from month to month.
  9. Help! Adventist Ed is Dying
  10. The Superiority of Adventist Education WOW it is back into the top ten! This post has a continuous life.

Ten Posts You Probably Never Read (Because not too many people did:) )

Disclaimer: I don’t remember most of these so if they don’t sound like me, maybe I’ve changed since writing them.

  1. Thou Shalt Not Deceive Oneself
  2. Learning About Church Planting Day 1:Not sure what happened to the other days 🙂
  3. The Twitter Blessings
  4. What Are You Worth? This is actually a video by David Asscherick that blessed my heart!
  5. You Don’t Do It; Why Should They?
  6. My Central Valley!
  7. Tomorrow
  8. Oh My…
  9. Perspective From My Two-and-a-Half Year Old
  10. I’m Not Convicted…

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