Tomorrow is actually today, since I am now writing this at 12:02 a.m.. So today I am preaching three times…it will actually become the norm of my Sabbath’s. I will be preaching twice at our main campus on Woodland in the 93277 zip code and once at our newest campus The Ark in the 93291 zip code. On top of that I am preaching a prophecy series, for those of you who may not be aware, prophecy series are often reserved for night time meetings, and many believe that is where the non-touchy-feely material of scripture should be relegated to. God convicted me to preach this stuff though so I am preaching it, but it is not easy. Trust me any preacher that chooses to preach prophecy at the main service over John 3:16 without being told to by the Lord is a masochist, this stuff is just a challenge to preach. That said I am learning a lot and really enjoying it…yes that may seem like a contradiction, but it is what it is.  So where was I? Oh yeah I am preaching three times later today, prophecy stuff, and I wasn’t thinking when I decided to start our second service (third for me) tomorrow or I mean today, which is obvious, because my wife is out of town, but not with the boys, the boys are with me.  Which I love! Normally 🙂 But this weekend…the thought of getting up earlier so I can be completely ready and get the boys completely ready for the first service is a ‘bit daunting. Once church starts I have help, but ’till then…oh boy.  Then after first service, since C (short for Christina) is gone I will need (I usually do anyway, but on ultra busy days I am able to have a pass) to take the boys to their Sabbath schools. Oh did I mention my sister and my mom who are my life savers all the time and Christina’s too are gone. My grandma J.J. is here and she’ll help, which is awesome, but with just one to handle both my boys…yes my grandpa and my Dad are here too, but my dad is built like me, high-stress so if I hear one of their distinctive cries during the first service I am going to have to pray with all my might for the A.D.D. to stay in check, because losing your place in the book of Daniel is not like losing your place in the book of Proverbs.

Oh yeah and I’m still not asleep which is kinda buggin’ me too!  Thanks for the prayers and I hope y’all aren’t reading this ’till tomorrow…or rather later today!

Happy Sabbath! May our Lord’s Kingdom Grow on His Holy Day

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