Tonight We All Mourn!

Tonight we all mourn!

“And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.” –Matthew 24:12

Could there be any greater evidence of the chilling of a heart than the murder of a child? What about 20 children?

It is the abundance of sin, not just in this one man Adam Lanza, but the abundance of sin in this entire world that causes love to die in the hearts of many.  We to our detriment, & the detriment of others, accept this sin for the most part on a daily basis, but today the sin struck and we found ours elves with tears silently running down our cheeks. Today the evidence was different.

Today the evidence is not a TV show that is supported by the commercialization of the products we buy.

Today the evidence is not a movie coming to a theater near you that glorifies death, that will be consumned by millions, including some of of us.

Today the evidence is not a video game that encourages murder in order to advance further in the game.

Today the evidence is real.

Today the evidence is twenty 5-10 year olds lying in a morgue.

Never to…

…have another birthday

…receive another kiss goodnight from mom or dad

…experience another swing on a swingset

…speak the tender words “I love you” to their parents as only a child can.

Never…because they are dead.

And today, sin (lawlessness) abounding doesn’t seem okay.

Tonight we all mourn. But oh how the heart of Jesus must mo urn daily as His children embrace that which destroys them, that which chills their hearts, that which kills 20 innocent children.

Oh Jesus, give us a detestation for sin.

Jesus, may the silent tears of today not be quickly forgotten…

Keep them resting on our cheeks.

Tonight we mourn…

Tomorrow help us to remember, so that we may never be the same!

Come, Lord Jesus!

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