What Is Your I.Q.?

Years ago I googled…actually I think this was before google…so I searched in AOL and found a free online IQ test. I started the test and within a few questions I quit, why because I could tell by those first few questions I didn’t want to know my IQ. I also rationalized, “I’ve made it this far without knowing my IQ I should be good for the rest of my life.”

I have a great family. Good friends. I love my job. I’ve achieved some success in school. I believe I was correct in the above assessment. But there is one IQ test out there I believe all of us should be aware of.

It is not your Intelligence Quotient it is your Invitation Quotient.

There is an old book I came across by Gary McIntosh & Glen Martin, and when I say old I mean it was written when I was in 7th grade; in my reading of this book I came across a test that helps us asses if we are being faithful individually in inviting people to Jesus.

I want to share this test with you and invite you to take it:

  1. Have you spoken to anyone in the last month to share with them what Jesus and His church mean to you?                                     YES     NO
  2. Did you speak to someone in the last month who has been absent from your church services to express your concern for them? YES     NO
  3. Have you invited a newcomer to your community to come with you to church any time in the past four months?                           YES     NO
  4. Have you encouraged or invited anyone who does not attend any other church to visit yours with you in the last month?             YES    NO
  5. Did you speak to someone last Sabbath you did not know personally who was in the church services to extend your personal word of greeting and welcome?                                                                                                                                                             YES    NO
  6. Have you taken time to greet the people who sit next to you in the pew before or after church services?                                          YES    NO
  7. Do you pray for opportunities to be abel to speak about Christ and His church to others?                                                                 YES    NO
  8. Do you pray that the Holy Spirit will burden you with the souls of the lost people around you?                                                           YES    NO

Now the purpose of this little I.Q. test is not so that I can know your score. In fact it is not important for me to know your score. What I am hoping is that if you are unable to answer “YES” to all 8 questions that you will ask God to help you begin to work on the areas where your invitation quotient is a “NO.”

There are people out there that YOU are the best opportunity God has to reach them. It is true. That is a big responsibility and one we cannot turn away from. So take the test and then begin living out the questions within the test.

I don’t care if my Intelligence Quotient is high. I do care if my invitation quotient is high.

“And you shall be my witnesses…to the ends of the earth.” Acts 2:8

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