Blogging the Bible Day 68: Job 19 & 20

Today a good friend sent me a text teasing me a ‘bit about it being “Job” reading day. She’s been reading my blog and knows I’ve been struggling through this book of the Bible, and today’s reading was no different.

I said to her that at one point the book of Job ministered to me so I don’t know why I am struggling through it so much now, and I teased, “My life just may be too chipper at the moment.” And when I texted that, though it was in a ‘bit of jest I realized I’ve been sorta down on this book, but there was a time when I was younger and battling some depression that the angst of Job ministered to my heart.

At that point in my life I could relate better to what Job was communicating through his words. Often times when I am going through hard times even though I know better…or at least I know better when I am not going through the hard times I still ask…”God why are You doing this to me?” It is not God it is the devil, but sometimes I like Job lay it at the feet of God.

Here is a whole book that speaks to people going through those moments. Having those questions and doubts and misunderstandings of the character and actions of God. A misunderstanding of the Great Controversy.

With that realization I reminded of something important, The Bible is not written for one type of person, dealing with just one area of life, or one challenging topic. The Bible is written to minister to all people, to all of us at all the various phases of our lives.

Job is not speaking to me now…

But Job has ministered to me in the past…

And maybe someday this book will again…

If Job is ministering to you right now, where you are at in your life. Know that that is a sign of God’s love for you. He inspired this book to be written for you at this point in your life, so that you would know He understands and though you may feel like Job like this is God’s punishment even if it is not, He does love you and He doesn’t forsake those who doubt that love in moments or even those who may blame Him.

Job is a reminder that God is big enough for every situation of our lives.

Thanks to my friend, you know who you are, for in your little teasing text God used you to remind me of His great love for all of us in all situations!

Tomorrow’s Reading: Isaiah 51-55


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