I Used To Not Believe In Prayer…

So a literal five minutes ago, from when I am writing this, I found my wife’s iphone.

I tell you that because it was an answer to prayer.

All day long Christina has been looking for her phone; at church she borrowed my phone to film our boy blowing out his birthday candles in Cradle Roll Sabbath School. I asked her, “What happened to your phone?” “I don’t know I thought it was in my purse but it is not there.”

After our morning services, when I stopped in before going to The Ark (our church plant) she asked me to try and help her find her phone. I looked several places, I went through her purse, I called it and listened for the buzzing, but nothing.

Tonight when I got home from a prayer walk she asked me to look again. To search the cars. I did. I found nothing. I dug through her purse again–my wife isn’t one of these women that has a ton of stuff in her purse–but still nothing. I called and stood in the kitchen. Nothing. I called and stood in the bedroom. Nothing.

Christina searched everything behind me. So after I was done with her purse she went through her purse. After I was done with the cars, she went through the cars. After I searched the boys rooms she…you get the picture. Nothing!

So I said honey let’s kneel down and pray. We knelt by our bed held hands and I prayed, “Jesus You know the exact location of that phone. You know where it is and You can help us to find it. Jesus we are trying to be better with our money, we can’t afford another phone, Jesus please show it to one of us or to our boys sometime before the end of this weekend. And Jesus help us to keep this in perspective. Amen.”

Three minutes later I walked out to the kitchen lifted the flap of Christina’s purse that I had searched twice and she had searched many times and sitting at the edge of the purse, I didn’t even have to look into the purse, in plain view at the edge, was Christina’s iphone.

I used to call things like that a coincidence or say I must have just overlooked it before.

Then again I used to not really believe in prayer…

Thank You Jesus for the returned iphone!

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