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Angus T. Jones Testimony Part 1 & Part 2

Here is a testimony from the 1/2 of the television show “Two and a Half Men” formerly staring Charlie Sheen & currently staring Ashton Kutcher. I am not sure who the man Chris Hudson is that did these videos. I haven’t watched either of these testimonies in full, but I did watch all of Angus T. Jones’ testimony on The Voice of Prophecy, but since I can’t share their video I am sharing these videos with y’all–


April 26, 1996

April 26th will mark the 16th anniversary of my commitment to Christ. I don’t believe I really had any idea what that meant 16 years ago.

At the time I stood-up for Jesus it wasn’t because I had been attending Bible studies or spending a lot of time searching for God. I didn’t have any thought or hope that I would be saved. I didn’t have a high-regard for Christians. I wasn’t a fan of church. I wasn’t a fan of really anything…

So from my perspective on that Friday night April 26, 1996 it was without any warning that God spoke straight into my heart. He asked me a simple question, “Will you give me a chance?”

God didn’t force Himself. He didn’t yell or bully. But without a doubt I, yes even me, my heathen unbelieving self, knew it was God speaking to me as clear as if we had been talking face to face, and I knew a decision had to be made.

The devil was speaking to me as well though. He was telling me not to be a fool. Not to stand-up. To remember all the things I did that I couldn’t stop doing. He reminded me of the times I had seen others stand only to fall again, and I would surely fall flat!

But there was that voice still asking, “Will give me a chance?”

No one can say to me, “there is no great controversy.” Those voices were both strong and clear!

Yet the Holy Spirit kept asking, “Will you give me a chance?”

I have since analyzed that night and all the nights leading up to that night. I have identified the points where God was clearly working in my life. I have identified the power of prayer on my behalf and the power of struggle that caused me to want something better.

But on that night ALL I KNEW and ALL THAT MATTERED was that one voice, speaking above the din of my satan controlled life, and inviting me, asking me, “Will you give me a chance?”

Thank you, Lord, for saving my soul

Thank you, Lord, for making me whole

Thank you, Lord, for giving to me

Thy great salvation so rich and free

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