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Josh Cunningham: Into Tomorrow

If you don’t like Christian music, at least not what is played on the radio 99% of the time, you will like the album below. Even if you do like more of the pop Christian music out there, but also appreciate some soulful, folk, bluegrass style of music you will like this as well! 

A fella I know, Josh Cunningham, has released his first solo Christian album. Josh is a very accomplished musician, he has been a part of the Australian band The Waifs for close to 20 years. The Waifs a multi-platinum selling group, and winner of several ARIA awards (Australia’s version of the Grammy’s I guess). Josh several years ago gave his heart to the Lord and while continuing to be a part of the Waifs has also been working through ARISE as a Bible worker and utilizing his skills as a musician to spread the Gospel. 

His new Album Into Tomorrow is available through his above website or if you are like me and work in the wonderful world of Apple:) You can go to itunes and purchase it there as I did. 

Folk I would urge y’all to go have a listen and pick this album up.  I have been listening to it the last couple of days and it is tremendous…I thought I may just be bias because I know Josh.  So I had my little sister have a listen, she is very critical about music, and I think fancies herself as a ‘bit of a music connoisseur…I knew she would tell me if she thought it was junk as she has done about other things I have liked in the past, and she said, “I really like this!”

So go listen and buy this spiritually deep, mellow, accoustical brilliant album!

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