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October’s Top Posts:

Here are the top ten for the month of October. If you haven’t read/watched have a look now. Be blessed and share with a friend!

  1. Faster Pastor Episode #2 Unity in Diversity with a full month to run and the little pick-up from the blogs Spectrum & Advindicate moves up from #4 to #1.
  2. The Ordained Women Pastors of China made me cry both times I watched it!
  3. Daily Disappointment a little piece I wrote as I reflected on the great disappointment of 1844
  4. Pastor Dwight Nelson’s Sermon “A Mighty Throng of Women: A Second Look at Male Headship” our third video is #4 this month.
  5. Donkeys, Elephants, & a Lesson Learned at Chick-Fil-A last months top post remained in the top ten this month.
  6. What U2, Bon Jovi, & AC/DC Teach Us About Church I wrote this blog more than a year ago, but my readership was much less then and so I reposted it this month & I guess enough folk hadn’t read it so it made it back into my top 10.
  7. Introducing Speiro Media Ministries thankful for the many that have supported this endeavor and praying many more will jump in!
  8. I Love Dayton one of my favorite blogs I have ever written. Probaly because of the deep nostalgia associated with this city and great love I have for Ohio/the people of Ohio and all they did for me in my life!
  9. Faster Pastor Episode #3: Training Journal Apps. This one is all about running.
  10. The Pink Slip another blog I wrote almost 2 years ago that I re-released brings up the tail of the top 10 posts for the month of October.

The Bleeding Trash Can

Every morning when we get in the car the boys and I pray together. Today Dayton prayed for a safe trip, a fun day, & “Amen.” He then added, “And please Daddy don’t hit the trash cans (I do sometimes) because they can bleed a lot.”

I responded with, “Dayton, trash cans don’t bleed. They are an inanimate object.”

Yes I use big words like that around my kid, his latest favorite big word is “adultery” because he has been learning the commandments and likes to tell folk how adultery means “to have more than 1 wife, because God only wants us to have 1 wife, but Laban tricked Jacob and gave two daughters. But Jacob loved Rachel not Leah. But then later he loved Leah.”

Back to my story– “Dayton, trash cans don’t bleed. They are an inanimate object.”

Dayton: “Why don’t they Daddy?”

Me: “Because only humans and animals bleed.”

Dayton (verbatim): “Dad what was the first plague God sent on Pharaoh?”

Me: “Turning water to blood.”

Dayton: “Yes Daddy water to blood.”

Me: “You’re right Dayton Moses…”

Dayton: “Not Moses Daddy, Aaron was the one that spoke to Pharaoh.”

He’s 3 years and 6 months today.

Kids will retain and process logically the things we expose them to.


I love Dayton!

You probably think I am talking about:

But Christina doesn’t agree with me and I don’t get that!  Still it is foolish for me to argue about it, and it is foolish of me to expect her to love it the way I do, she doesn’t have my shared history with the place.  I guess there are things in our lives that we may love and be intensely passionate about that other folk just won’t see the same way…so I guess it would be good for me and for all of us to accept that about each other and not fight or become upset with people when they see stuff and places different than we do. 



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