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The 49ERS Lost & That’s Okay

When I was 12 and the Niners lost to the New York Giants in the NFC Championship Game on a last second field goal…

…I cried.

When I was in my teens and the Niners lost consistently to the Dallas Cowboys…

…I was angry for days.

When I was in my 20’s and the Niners were losing ALL the TIME…

…I couldn’t even watch the games I would get so frustrated.

In 2013 the Niners lost the Super Bowl…

…and I was disappointed in the immediate aftermath but…

…I had fun w/ family & honestly enjoyed the game.

I know some have been concerned that I watched the playoffs & Super Bowl in spite of the fact I was a part of a Faster Pastor episode in which we talked about the dangers of football…

…of course if you desire to pray for me your prayers are always appreciated.

Obviously I still have some growing to do…

…I look forward to the day there will be no disappointment over, and maybe not even a desire to watch a silly game.

But for tonight I’m celebrating at least one victory…

…the 49ERS lost…

…& that’s okay!

Faster Pastor Episode #6: Making Goals for 2013

An Episode about goals, specifically running goals, with a few added thoughts sprinkled throughout. For this episode, Albert, David, & I welcome Pastor Javier Diaz. Hope you’ll watch and stay tuned for the surprise shot Albert lays on Chad at the end of the episode 🙂

Faster Pastor Episode #5: God & Sports

The latest enstallment of Faster Pastor begins with answering a running question from a twitter follower & then moves into our theme for this episode: Football, yes that is right football. It actually goes much further than just the sport though so whether you are a football fan like me, or you want to ruin watching football for others like David and Albert I think you will appreciate this substantive discussion.

So enjoy watching as Albert & David attemp to ruin my Sunday’s 🙂

Faster Pastor: Episode #3 “Training Journal Apps”

All about running!

Faster Pastor: Episode #1: God’s Providence & Training Smart

Albert Handal, David Asscherick, & Chad Stuart

Faster Pastor

Greetings Y’all–

Here is a little project my friend Albert Handal, Pastor of the Stonehill Seventh-day Adventist Church in Austin, TX came up with and invited me to be a part of. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn through collaboration and to help network folk which are working towards & for the great day of Lord’s soon return! I hope everyone will enjoy and be blessed, especially our fellow Pastors!

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